Every once in a while, you come across an artist that is just so good, so talented, and likable that they actually restore your faith in humanity.

They remind you that music can still be great, and they get you thinking that maybe things aren’t as bad as you thought. They help you through changing tides and let me tell you, they’re a rare gem.

And for those of you who might not know SHANI, first of all, shame on you. She is one of the most powerful voices in the music industry today. She’s worked on numerous films and music projects, and when she is not creating great music, she spends her time producing movies and working with various charities for victims of abuse, and so many other great causes. She is not only a great musician, but a lovely human being, also. And you can definitely feel that in “Changing Tides”.

You might’ve guessed already that I have a specific artist in mind as I write these words, namely American singer-songwriter SHANI, with her brand new track “Changing Tides”. Now, what attracts me to this tune, right off the bat, is the fact that each artist who worked on it recorded their contribution from their own home/studio, in compliance with coronavirus restrictions.

LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson (saxophone), Les July (bass), and Orbel “Orbellion” Babayan (keyboard/guitar) all came together with SHANI herself and created this amazing piece of music. And the reason I like that is that it shows you great things can still happen, and beautiful music can still be made, even in these crazy times that we live in.

Another big reason I love this song from SHANI is that it just exudes positivity and good vibes. It can be a huge mood-booster, even in dire and depressing situations, and that’s no small feat for any song.

Lastly, I love it because it’s just got such an excellent rhythm. Each one of the musicians involved brings yet another dimension to this catchy jazz piece, and in the end, it just makes you want to dance and lose yourself to the music.

As such, it’s of little surprise that the song has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and streams worldwide (and it’s also why I’m highly recommending that you give it a listen).



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