We are pleased to announce that the thrilling, smooth, inventive and cool new singles ‘Addiction’, Choices’ and ‘Good Gone bad’ from NenoBlaze407 are now on New York FM Digital’s prestigious Daily A-List Playlist.

Listen out for them night and day on the playlist + they will also be played daily as a special TRIPLE POWERPLAY at 6:30 PM Eastern USA time for the next month.

Introducing NenoBlaze407, a prolific music artist originally from Manhattan, New York, and raised in Orlando, Florida, now residing in Winona, Minnesota. Since 2019, I’ve dedicated myself to the craft of professional music production, finding pure joy in the creative process.

My passion lies in crafting relatable songs that resonate deeply with listeners. I take pride in my ability to weave words and melodies into a unique style that transcends genres. One of my distinct talents is my versatility—I can seamlessly switch styles and manipulate my voice in countless ways, even altering accents to achieve the perfect sound for each track.

In my journey, I’ve relentlessly honed my skills, spending countless hours in the studio. The progress I’ve made from my humble beginnings has been nothing short of astounding. Initially unsure of my abilities, I’ve overcome doubts to amass a catalog of hundreds of songs waiting to be shared with the world.

My ultimate dream is to reach millions with my music, and I’m committed to achieving this goal at my own pace. For me, music isn’t just a career—it’s a calling and a labor of love. Through dedication and perseverance, I’m confident that my dreams will become reality.

As I prepare to release my music, I invite you to join me on this journey. Your support means everything. Follow me on social media and music platforms, share my story, and let’s create something beautiful together. Because in life, as in music, the journey is what you make it—and together, we’ll make it extraordinary.