The head of music for New York FM Digital said that he loved the new single ‘Real Love’ from Navarre’ ft. A-F-R-O with it’s exquisite, efficient and direct Rap/flow that is delivered with style, over a groovy, bouncy, sleek, funky, soulful and warm production, this is a really cool banger. For that reason it’s now on the New York Playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a special new music powerplay at approx 6:30 PM Eastern USA time for a month or more.

The new single ‘Real love’ from ‘Navarre’ ft. A-F-R-O is a track about finding real love and recognizing it. Navarre is an independent rapper, songwriter, saxophonist, and recording artist from Longview, TX. Navarre is determined to claim his stake in the music industry and has begun building up his fan base with over 1,000 followers on Spotify.