The head of music for said he loved the new single ‘Movie ‘ from ‘King Timmons’ a.k.a KT with it’s melodic piano and beat driven production mixed in with strong efficient real life story telling lyrics and rap over dope beats and a catchy vocal hook. It’s on the playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day + as a daily powerplay at approx 7:30 PM Eastern USA time for a month.

He says ” My name is KingTimmons aka KT and I’m from sicklerville, NJ and my first track is called “Who Are You” basically telling people don’t get caught up in what people say or anything like that because the only person who knows what you wanna do and what your capable of is you. My second track is called “Movie” and it’s a song I made on how I view love and also to watch out and protect yourself from people who would try to turn you into a groupie”.