This September 17th, 2021, rising pop singer-songwriter Abi Mia tackles themes of empowerment and self-love in her emotional, hard-hitting new pop single, ‘Shadow’. Diverting from the bright soulful pop production of her last release, ‘Good Intentions’, ‘Shadow’ brings a balladic orchestral soundscape to the table, with Abi Mia’s epic powerhouse vocals soaring poignantly over elegant piano instrumentation.

With deep emotion, atmosphere and evocative harmonies that build throughout the song, the lyrics of ‘Shadow’ emphasise the importance of setting boundaries and putting yourself first, before you burn out and become a shadow of your former self.

Inspired Abi Mia’s own life experiences, the single explores what happens when selfless people give too much of themselves and lose their true self. “It’s important to help others, but you also need to take care of yourself. You’re no use to anyone burnt out! I wrote this song as a reminder for us to take time to rediscover who we are as individuals, and not just who we are to other people. Looking after yourself isn’t selfish – it’s self-care.” — ABI MIA

Recorded by Abi Mia at her home studio, mixed/mastered by producer Ashea, and produced by Noah Lloyd (The Online Recording Studios), the song’s build and emotional depth reinforces the importance of taking care of number one. Equal parts reassuring and optimistic, ‘Shadow’ is a reminder – especially in recent times – to practice self-care.

Stream and download Abi Mia’s new single, ‘Shadow’, out on September 17th.