He says “My name is Len Cava. I have been writing music for over 20 years. I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and currently living in Philadelphia PA. My passion of music derived from 90’s Alternative, an era of music that never left me. I consider song writing an outlet to write and sing about experiences to help others who can relate, to find inspiration and to keep moving forward.

About my new single: Rewind

I won an instagram contest with Global Music Producers from the UK. I was paired with producer Darius Kiani to produce, record, mix and master a full production song. Being able to connect remotely using Google Meets, I sent Darius music I wrote and recorded and he brought them to life! He has a great passion for refining an idea by bringing in waves of experience to make the songs stand out.

The idea and concept that went into writing this song digs back to past memories. Sometimes, even though you may have grown apart from what you felt at that very moment of falling for someone, those memories sometimes still remain. In relationships, it is those beginning moments that makes you feel alive.”