We are pleased to announce that the beautiful ‘A Sad Love Story Piano’ from ‘Lucy Shores Madeleines’ is now on the A-List Playlist. Listen out for it on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special PIANO POWERPLAY at 3 PM Eastern USA time, to relax your afternoon every day for the next month or more.

Introducing A Sad Love Story Piano, the captivating new single by the talented artist Lucy Shores Madeleines. Lucy Shores Madeleines, a native Japanese songwriter, is known for her poignant requiem ballads and inspiring Christian compositions. Her particular passion lies in the serene and healing tones of the piano.

Lucy meticulously crafts intricate and beautiful harmonies that set her music apart. Her original works are available on SoundCloud, showcasing the depth of her talent, which she believes is a divine gift from above.

For those who have a moment to spare, we encourage you to listen and support Lucy’s remarkable work. Your support is greatly appreciated and plays a vital role in her musical journey.