The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Street Deep II‘ from ‘Jesse Stamps’ with its trippy beats, infectious and mesmerizing bassline, experimental spacey production and overall cool vibes. This hypnotic single is full of laid-back Rhythms with an up to date but 80’s ‘Herbie Hancock’ jazzy vibe. Perfect for the streets of a sci-fi blockbuster movie as the aliens land. We have placed this innovative new single on the playlist and it will be played in general rotation day and night + as a special NEW MUSIC POWERPLAY at approx 6:45 PM Eastern USA time every evening for a month or more.

East Coast based Production Artist Jesse Stamps began his entry into the music industry in Spring of 2020 with his album, “Edge of Greatness.” The album had some unique stylized tracks such as “Welcome in Neeoh,” “Enfin Les Rouge,” as well as “Enter T-Congo’s Panther.” His tracks are more inline with the EDM, Future Bass and Pop genres.

Moving into that Summer, he released, “Moves You Make,” with tracks, Ixli Team Jambox,” and “Toms-n-Bass,” which were fan faves. On to 2021 he came back in with two albums that got him noticed, included “Jade and Ruby” with the track, “Frizz” and “Generation V,” then followed up with, “The Askelonian,” album with the hit, “Your Bestie’s Flow,” with excellent fan reception.

Next in 2022 came the tracks on “That Chi Method,” “Kaanda, Kaanda Home,” and “In Over Ya,” which are still popular. Later Jesse entered into more collaborative tunes with artist’s Mica Franco’s “Easy My Love,” and “Ghosting U Now.” Then with Australian Hip-Hop artist Honey-B-Sweet on, “Clockwork Velocity,” and “My Chris,” which he wrote just for their styles.

Next he contributed his own vocals on the smooth ballad, “Milan Dreams,” with Sophia Pérez, also in which he penned the lyrics, with some fanfare on iHeart Radio, as well as Pandora.

Now in 2023, he goes in with vocals on this entry,

“Street Deep II,” which will appear on the album, “Oasis Echoes,” which has early support and he appears vocally on two lyrically unique tracks, the second track being, “On Your Own Risk.”

We look forward to hearing more from Jesse Stamps in the future, with the diverse reach he has accumulated in such a minimal timespan.

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