The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Signs’ from ‘D smooth’ with its melodic, sleek and classy R&B production. This touching single comes with beautiful, smooth, heartfelt and distinctive vocals, and has an overall warm R&B sheen, that sounds classic and goes straight to the heart. This stunning single comes from a strong songwriter and touches the soul with it’s mellow groove and soulful sensibility. The amazing new single ‘Signs’ is now on the daily playlist and will be played all day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 5 PM Eastern USA time every evening for a month or more. Make sure you tune in to hear it with a special message for our listeners from D smooth himself.

Talking about his career and new single, D smooth says My Name is D smooth , I’m a upcoming artist from Fort Worth Texas , I have two projects out right now and a album that just dropped by the name of “Undiscover” which is about talents being undervalued although they have been proven to be at the pentacle of greatness. And when said talents are displayed to those that lack the sense of creativity and appreciation it suffers. Undiscovered is consequently what happens when pressure is built up behind passion; it explodes like the stars in space for even the lowest of the low to marvel at its greatness. For this album I wanted to bring a mixture of Pop/ R&B feel to it , I wanted to bring a different sound to my music.

I’ve been in multiple magazines like New York Weekly and Focuseddd, And I’ve been progressing through the years getting my artistry up and running. I’ve been talking to an amount of people in the music business now and it seems to be looking pretty good for my career right now , I’m in the talks with Universal Music Group to sign me and Push my music out more.

My song “Signs” is about a guy who is throwing signs and signals to a girl that he likes and is showing her everything a gentleman is supposed to treat a lady but she plays Hard to get cause she loves the attention 🙏🏾🔥”.