The head of music for said he loved the new single from ‘Sean Axelrod’ entitled ‘My Darling_ Oh No’ with it’s classic sounding, mellow, epic and dreamy production and Beatles esque vocals and guitar that warm you up and touch your heart strings. It’s now on the playlist and will be played daily in general rotation + as a daily powerplay at PM eastern usa time.

Crafting deeply introspective Indie Rock music, singer songwriter Sean Axelrod gives us a glimpse of
his future album release with three tracks that are simply outstanding. ‘Everyone’, ‘My Darling Oh
No’ and ‘Your Sight Had Touched Me’, are just the first steps in a career that are guaranteed to lead
to boundless future success.

All three songs embrace the brilliance of the early work of iconic artists of the 60s and 70s who
explored their world with a constantly evolving musical narrative. Intelligent, artistic, unquestionably
original and refusing to be tied down by others’ expectations, Sean’s work weaves together
memories of falling in love, unrequited love, and personal fulfillment and satisfaction in a mélange of
breathtaking moments. If this is the first course, then Sean Axelrod’s album Frustration will be the main dish that will satisfy all appetites. Seek out his work and discover a musical landscape that is beyond compare.