The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Big Talk’ from ‘Maximilian’ with its melodic, groovy and warm alternative production, strong distinctive vocals and epic boppy vibe, that reminds us of a funkier version of 80’s band ‘Gene Loves Jezebel’ on holiday with ‘INXS’. This creative, epic and majestic track is perfect for driving in your car, as it sticks in your head and meanders into a spoken ending that is full of charisma and groovy rock charm. We have now placed this cool new single on the playlist and it will be played on the A-List throughout the day and night + as a special POWERPLAY at approx 4:45 PM Every afternoon for a month or more.

Swedish multi-instrumentalist and highly driven multitasker (by design), an overall highly driven and creative guy, husband and father of twins, a fan of various martial arts and a voice actor as well (amongst other things). (“Hey, I can do a pretty spot-on Long Island accent by the way!”). Maximilian got his solo career on the move forwards a bit more back in 2021 along with the completion of a private (a not so private any longer) music studio in his basement which later on turned into a humble business (it’s all about that momentum that will arrive if one keeps at it). The next song out now is “Big Talk”. Out on the 1st of June.