The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘The One For Me’ from ‘Corinne Barrett‘ with its epic, majestic, dreamy production, soulful and enticing vocals, and incredible strings and instrumentation, that remind us of the ‘SOS Band’ meets ‘Soul II Soul’ as it meanders into classic soulful territory, with a bang up to date production, irresistible groove and touching melody. The single is now on the daily playlist and will be played throughout the day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay, back-to-back with her other sensational, uplifting, touching, and spine tingling ballad ‘I Call Each of you by name’ at approx 8 PM Eastern USA time every night for a month or more.

Corinne Barrett is recognized by the music industry leaders as an outstanding, International Singer/Songwriter from New York changing the music industry.

Corinne is a self-motivated, creative person, and a team player who builds relationships which is key to her success. Corinne is a member of ISSA, International Singer Songwriters Association. Corinne’s most recent project is her collaboration singing in the release of “One Song”, a music video by which all proceeds are given to world hunger.

Corinne has recently released her single “I Still Dream of You” which is currently up for # 1 Single of the year, as well as being played on multiple radio playlists and television stations around the world, Netshows Radio, Media Factory Show TV, Ray & Jay Show, Spotify, YouTube.

Corinne has simultaneously released an inspirational single “I Call Each of You By Name” currently playing on many inspirational playlists alongside many legendary artists, Tina Turner, Celion Dion, Whitney Houston on the Musicomedy Radio Playlist, also on Discover Music Christian Music, Coffeeshop Christian playlists, Spotify, YouTube.

Corinne also released a single “Feed the Hungry” with her brother Drew Barrett to help world hunger which was featured on a Hurricane Harvey compilation CD. Corinne is currently preparing to release her newest Single “So In Love” Corinne continues to educate herself through her mentor Jud Frieman, the 6-time Oscar nominated, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated hit Songwriter.

Corinne also belongs to many modeling groups, The Glamour Society of New York, The Glamour Society of Hollywood, The Glamour Society Elite International, Models of Manhattan, eModels All Model Network, Be U “Beauty Unique” Style Magazine, Haute Couture The Art of Fashion, The Modeling 411 News letter, & Video Vogue.

Corinne is presently working with her brother Drew Barrett, Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Robert Brim, Recording, Video Producer, Promoter, Publisher & Marketer, Liam Golder, Owner/PR and management + label at Song Heroes Music PR who worked with numerous legends such as Adele, Cher, Billy Idol, Alicia Keys, etc. Corinne’s mission is to share her music with the world which contributes to peace and love.