The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Something About Ya’ by Jesse Stamps and has put it on the A-List playlist. “Something About Ya” by Jesse Stamps is a mesmerizing fusion of hip hop, electronic, experimental house, and synth music. This boundary-pushing track takes listeners on an exhilarating sonic adventure, where captivating beats and infectious rhythms serve as the foundation.

With a fearless approach, “Something About Ya” weaves together unconventional elements, incorporating experimental textures and unexpected sonic surprises. Jesse Stamps fearlessly explores the uncharted territories of music, crafting an innovative blend of genres that defies categorization.

Hear it on the playlist daily + as a special Powerplay at approx 8 PM Eastern USA time every night for a month or more.

Producer and Artist, ‘Jesse Stamps’ began his entry in the music industry during Spring of 2020 with the album “Edge of Greatness,” with a collection of World-type songs that included “Welcome in Neeoh,” with new entries in the music industry.

He has had some success with fan favorites such as “Your Bestie’s Flow,” “X-Flare Digi,” & “Ixli Team Jambox,” to name a few. This started a long line of EDM Instrumental and Future Bass, Pop and Hip Hop releases. Some titles include, “Enfin Les Rouge,” “Kling on Two,” “Saw What You Did,” “OSIRUS Sub Dub,” “Density Flow,” and the collaboration with ‘Honey-B-Sweet’ on “Clockwork Velocity,” and “My Chris,” two tracks in which he wrote just for her style and lyrical flow.

Moving forward he made his vocal debut on “The Music – (Inflight Edit) in 2022 and “Milan Dreams [Remixed edit] with Sophia Pèrez which received peer accolades. He decided to further add his own vocals on other tracks such as “Non Stop Music” as a single, then on the hot new entry, “Oasis Echoes,” on the songs, “On Your Own Risk,” and the popular track, “Street Deep ii,” in which has current radio airplay online.

Now we like this new entry for Jesse, “Something About Ya,” and it will be on the upcoming album, “Moon Lit Moves,” on most major streaming music platforms in wide release.


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