Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ‘Hate You’ by the talented artist Sade Fatima. This epic and dreamy track boasts a majestic vibe, drawing you into its hypnotic allure. With its strong production and big Hip-Hop beats, the song commands attention and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Sade Fatima’s sultry yet powerful melodic vocals exude sensuality and mystery, effortlessly captivating your senses. Her heartfelt delivery adds an emotional depth to the track, making it an unforgettable experience. ‘Hate You’ is a seamless blend of passion and intrigue, leaving listeners mesmerized and yearning for more.


‘Hate You’ by ‘Sade Fatima’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist and will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 4 PM Eastern USA time every afternoon for a month or more.

Emerging from the vibrant city of New York, Sade Fatima, an exceptionally talented r&b/soul recording artist and singer-songwriter, unveils her heartfelt and sincere debut single, “Hate You.”

Sade Fatima’s music is a delectable fusion of soul and r&b, captivating listeners with its sensuous allure. Deeply passionate about the evolution of r&b, she aspires to create “music that heals you and makes you feel something,” as expressed by the artist herself. Though her love for poetry was evident, it is only recently that Fatima decided to embark on her musical journey to share her unique gifts with the world.

The much-anticipated release of her debut single, “Hate You,” treats us to an intimate and soul-stirring r&b experience reminiscent of artists like Summer Walker, Ashanti, and Alicia Keys. In this vulnerable musical showcase, Sade Fatima lays bare her past struggles in a relationship, baring the turbulent emotions she continues to grapple with.

Diving into the depths of “Hate You,” the smooth and soothing r&b keys accompany a poignant voicemail-like message from Sade Fatima, revealing her distaste for a person from her past. As the verse unfolds, her vocals, delicately bathed in reverb, caress us with intimately crafted lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.

The production’s gentle and tender approach enhances the song’s emotional impact, and it feels as though Sade Fatima’s lyrics were drawn straight from the pages of her personal diary. She fearlessly shares her vulnerabilities, forming a profound connection with her audience—a remarkable achievement for a debut single.

For those haunted by lingering emotions from past loves, Sade Fatima’s “Hate You” serves as an anthem to let your heart be heard. The song is now available on all major digital streaming platforms, promising an unforgettable and cathartic musical experience.

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