New on the playlist: Production artist Jesse Stamps and Ziberia have converged their talents in an exceptional and unparalleled musical creation titled “Let’s Kick It.” Crafted by Stamps with the explicit intent of complementing Ziberia’s distinct song style and vocal range, this collaboration stands as a testament to their combined artistry. This creative partnership unfolded serendipitously through an unexpected online encounter between Jesse and Ziberia. Fortuitously, Ziberia happened to be online at the time, leading to the inception of their collaboration. Jesse proposed the idea of producing a track tailored to Ziberia’s musical persona, a proposition that Ziberia embraced wholeheartedly, resulting in a successful collaboration.


Let’s Kick It’ from Jesse Stamps and Ziberia and “Time of Your Life’ from ‘Jesse Stamps’ are now on the A-List Playlist + will also be played as a special DOUBLE POWERPLAY at 6 PM Eastern USA time every night for a month or more.

Jesse Stamps boasts a collection of noteworthy tracks that exemplify his signature style. Among these are notable pieces like the “Milan Dreams – Remixed Edit,” “X-Flare Digi,” “IXli – Team Jambox,” “Saw What You Did,” and “Street Deep ii.” Meanwhile, Ziberia has established herself as a prominent figure in the Latin X music realm, thanks to hit songs such as “Cuánto Falta,” “No Me Ves,” and her latest Spotify sensation, “It’s My Life.”

This recent release, a collaborative effort with Ericovich, has garnered nearly 800,000 streams since its launch earlier this year. The spotlight now shines on two particular tracks: “Let’s Kick It” and “Time of Your Life,” the latter being an instrumental piece masterfully produced by Jesse himself. Both songs hold big promise of becoming favorites among listeners, thanks to their exceptional quality and the creative synergy between these talented artists.


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