Chris level was Interviewed by tearon who runs one of the best black-community based podcasts called the ubiquitous blacks podcast, the interview was smooth as Chris got asked about his upcoming project which is making a buzz around the internet already. His interview with lamboxtra magazine is right here too

The interview was focused around Chris’s minor successes as his soundtrack ‘lose ma cool’ was used in some micro videos and projects on the platform of instagram, this led to Chris starting to take sync licensing as a career venturing into more of its side. The ubiquitous blacks podcast Interviewed more of the bigger artists and newer ones including Chris level who is known as a sync artist and sync composer. Being a sync composer was something Chris level didn’t think about as he confirmed this to tae ron during the ubiquitous blacks interview, but rather something that came up with a lot of surprises from him and a lot of chances as he stated he always wanted to be an actor but grew up more into music.

It’s clear to see that Chris level got what he wanted as a surprise as he is able now and will be able to combine his passion for acting and being in scenes to making music, which is the perfect combination and which is something that makes him super excited to do as he confirmed it during the interview.

The interview was set to be released in july the 8th, this is good as it is a good date for both of their listeners to catch the interview. Chris level continued the interview naming some of his influencers of the soundtrack world like john powell and alan silvestri naming a few, and other facts that led him to pursue his career in sync licensing along with announcing his first project ever that his soundtrack ‘lose ma cool’ will soundtrack, this project is also one of the biggest projects this year so far with a reach of over hundreds of millions of fans from around the world but especially the asian parts on TikTok.